3 Quick and Easy Web Form Integrations to Automate Sales

By Tania Jones

April 26, 2021

Web forms

Sales take so long to make them happen, right? Without automation, yes, that can be true. This is a great starting point to automating your business if this is new to you. Here I’ll be share with you lead capture and follow-up integrations that help you automate your sales. Starting with web form integrations to capture your leads so they are quickly and automatically added to your CRM

Web Form Integrations

First of all, in order to build a sales pipeline you will need to capture your leads details. A web form is the tool to use on any web page where your target market can leave their contact details in exchange of a high value free gift, often called a lead magnet. Be clear that by taking this action they will be subscribing to marketing emails that allow you to stay in touch with them with updates, offers and product or business news.

Some examples of web form integrations that you could use here are Google Forms, the Contact 7 WordPress plugin and Type Form. Here’s a little more about each of those.

Google Forms

As long as you have a Google Account, you can access Google Forms to create a form that you can embed directly onto a web page or link to the form itself. Once completed, you can integrate the form to share the data captured to a CRM, Google Sheet or somewhere else using Zapier or a similar third party app.

This is free to use, has a flexible form design to create something that fits your needs and you can easily record data and refer back to it as you need.

To integrate with a CRM, which is where you might like to store your contacts details once captured, you’ll need to use a third party tool such as Zapier to automatically move that data across. If you’re not techy or avoid tech then this option can require some training and practice to set-up.

Google Forms is a fantastic free option that gives you choice and flexibility when you’re on a tight budget. Once you start using more apps and tools in your business then looking to move to a tool that can handle this for you may be something to consider.

Contact 7

Contact 7 is a WordPress plugin that’s free to install on your website. It sits in the back end, and the form is created within the WordPress dashboard. Then a shortcode is used to embed the form in the location you’d like it to be placed on your website.

The form fields are flexible and multiple questions can be added to build up the form and capture the details you need from your leads. Since the form is on your website, it’ll take the colours and fonts set on your site’s theme to stay in-keeping with your branding.

You will need to get into the tech here, this plugin isn’t straightforward to use if you’re new to WordPress or simple HTML. There will be a learning curve to get the form created and added to your website. However, there are a lot of YouTube videos available to guide you should you choose this option. Again, integration with your CRM will have to be through Zapier or another third party app, or you can add another plugin to capture and store the form submissions in a database within WordPress.

Contact 7 is a great option if you’re using forms to capture leads on your website. It will be branded using the theme of your website, and uses copy and paste short code to make placing on any web page easy. It’s not an easy option to integrate with a CRM and other plugins or apps maybe needed to get automation setup and working for you.

Keap Forms

Are you looking for less tech in your business? If you’re in need of fewer apps and tools to setup, manage and maintain then Keap is your answer!

There is a function to build and design standalone web forms or they can be added directly to your landing pages. Either way, the form can be part of an automated process. Once a form is submitted the data is captured and added to the CRM right away and a next step can be triggered immediately.

There is a cost for this level of function and for Keap Lite it starts at just £39 a month and Keap Pro at £79 a month. With the room for growth and to maintain just one tool our clients at Solofusion definitely think this is well worth the investment for their business.

An all-in-one tool that can cover multiple stages of your marketing and sales process will make your life easier and business more profitable. You’ll know exactly who’s signed up to your list and when, along with the details of the follow-up that’s occurred afterwards.

Next Step

Keap – all-in-one marketing and sales automation tool for profitable business growth

I know hearing about a new tool for the first time can seem daunting and it can cause procrastination if you’re looking to make the move to something bigger and better.

That’s where Solofusion can help you. We work with business owners, like you, to build a profitable business by doing less. How would it feel if you worked fewer hours in the day and still had leads flowing into your sales pipeline regularly?

It can be done with the help of Solofusion. We can work with you to setup your automated sales process in Keap.

Still not quite sure? Check out the free demo, no call or appointment needed! Get it here.

What are your thoughts on web form integrations for lead capture and follow up?

Let us know! Share in the comments. We look forward to reading and replying to them.

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