Consistency Is The Key To Success

Discover How To Be Consistently Following Up For Maximum Results

It's Great To Get New Leads But The Fortune Is In The Follow Up!

It's great meeting new contacts at a networking breakfast, Expo, or other events, but following up afterwards can take a huge amount of time and effort.

What if you could automate your follow up email process to effortlessly convert hot leads into paying customers?

The real problem is if you don't follow up quickly any 'Hot' lead will get cold so fast they'll have forgotten you by Friday.

So if time - and timing - are critical to keeping that new lead hot, how can you make it easy when you're all ready stretched to the limit and working 12 hours a day?

The answer is to join the most successful entrepreneurs and business owners on the planet and take advantage of business and marketing automation.

If you're continually firefighting with chaos then investing in a system to help you automate the jobs you hate will give you more time to do the jobs you love!

fortune is in the follow up

Meet Productivity Pete - The cheapest employee you'll ever have!

Productivity Pete loves the jobs you hate and eats repetitive tasks for breakfast!  You just need to tell him what you want him to do and he'll beaver away in the background until it's done!

Got a new contact's business card? Simply enter their name and email into a simple form, along with any other details you want to record, and Pete will get to work.

In his 'Follow Up New Lead' task list he'll start by:

Sending a 'Nice to meet you' email so they remember you from your initial encounter

He'll patiently wait for a few hours - or even a day - before sending a follow up email asking them to connect on LinkedIn or inviting them to look at your website

He'll then sit in the background waiting for them to look at your website, and as soon as they do, he'll wake up and mark their contact record so you know they've paid you a visit online

Now get this - If you've asked him to send a LinkedIn request and they do click on the link to your profile, he'll send you a note to check  and accept the connection request.  On the other hand, if they don't connect then Pete can send a reminder!

How would you feel if all that work was done for you?

Pretty good - Huh?

How much time would you save if Productivity Pete did this with every new contact you meet? No doubt lots - Right?

But that's not all - Pete will keep every lead warm for you until they're ready to have a conversation and move the relationship forward. He'll keep sending them emails exactly when you tell him to, and when your prospect does something that indicates they are ready to move to the next stage, he'll switch them onto the most appropriate track to keep things progressing smoothly. 

He can even ask them to book a call with you at a time convenient to you, so you don't waste your precious time playing 'telephone tag'.

Now there is just one thing Pete can't do - pick up the phone and have a chat. He leaves that to you because Pete just loves being told what to do and will never question, forget, answer back, go off sick, or demand time and a half if you want him to work after 5pm.!

Would YOU Like To See Pete In Action?

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