3 Simple Steps To Getting Off That Hamster Wheel And Spend More Time Doing What You Love.

Join 1000's of small business owners just like you, using this very system to capture, convert and follow-up with leads.

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Do you want better lead generation and sales conversions without the pain of selling?

Join 1000's of small business owners just like you, using this very system to perfect their lead generation and automated follow up

 Get it working for you in 30 days.

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Do You Struggle To Balance Life With A Business To Run?

As business owners we all know the battle we have with finding time to focus on lead generation whilst at the same time servicing the customers we have. 

There's too much to do and you never have enough time to consistently generate new leads and follow up before they go cold or go elsewhere.

Do you go to networking events with every intention of keeping in touch only to never talk to that person again?

Is family life suffering because you spend all your evenings catching up with admin or invoicing?

Is it time to get off the hamster wheel?

Do The Parts You Love & Automate The Rest

Wouldn't it be great if every new lead was automatically followed up without you lifting a finger?

That's the benefit of using automation in your lead generation.

Imagine this - a prospect goes to your website and they are interested in what you have to offer. They sign up for your free report. It is automatically delivered to their inbox followed with a series of relationship building emails which are delivered 24/7 while you sleep.

They can then contact you at any point in the process to book a call.

Think of all the extra conversions you would make by following up with EVERYONE.

Can you picture that happening? Good eh?

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Do You Want More Of The Same?

Let me take you from time-poor and lead free to generating and converting quality leads to grow an organised business in a stress free way?

The problem with not fixing this is that it leads to you:

  • struggling to balance your time between customers and new leads?
  • wasting marketing money because new leads fall through the cracks
  • missing evening and weekends with family, over doing admin instead.
  • continuing to live with overwhelm and chasing your tail
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Introducing the set and monitor system to automate capturing, following up and converting your leads...

Capture and Convert your leads effortlessly into sales.

Discover where to find leads and how to attract them to you. 

Follow up every lead, every time -  automatically.

Up to 8 more hours a week to focus on servicing your clients

Educate and nurture those who are not ready to buy.

Claim back evenings, weekends and family time.

Are you a frustrated, time-poor business owner struggling to generate and convert enough quality leads to grow your business?
Do you want a steady flow of predictable, qualified leads who are ready, willing and able to buy what you have to offer? 
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Working with Tania is honestly both a delight and a relief! I am so not a systems person but was badly in need of one to support my clients and those signing up for my parenting programmes.
Fortunately Tania is just who and what I've been searching for. She was recommended to me and has been so patient, calm and efficient in all we have done together. She is also innovative and can spot things I'll need in advance.
If you are fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Tania - DO!

- jane evans

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