Easily Set up a Fully Automated Sales System With 3 Essential Tools

By Tania Jones

April 19, 2021

Whether you’re new to automation or have it working partially in your business, you can definitely get more out of it. With just a few small tweaks you could have tasks removed from your schedule, giving you time back to do more important tasks, like business development or having conversations with future clients or partners. Here’s how to set up a fully automated sales system with these 3 essential tools.

Tool 1 – Web form

Lead capture – a form your visitor completes to get in touch, send enquiries or request your free offer or lead magnet

Do you have one? This is most likely to be sitting on your website, usually an enquiry or get in touch form, maybe a newsletter signup or a lead magnet where they receive a free gift in exchange for their email address.

When someone submits the form, what happens to their contact details? Spreadsheet, database or sitting in your website somewhere? If you have them in multiple places, some you rarely check, then you’re losing leads that could potentially become clients now or in the future.

First of all, go check all of those places! There could be a goldmine waiting for you to discover.

When you find all of those places, get those contacts moved over to your address book with notes and a reminder to get in touch with them.

Better still, connect your web forms to a CRM, those details would move automatically to your CRM once a form has been submitted. You’ll know which form they’ve submitted, plus have all of their details right there ready for you to get in touch with them as and when appropriate.

If you don’t have your forms setup yet, here’s some inspiration to help you get started. 3 ways to create highly effective lead capture forms.

Tool 2 – CRM

Contact database – Organise and maintain records for each of your contacts.

Manage all of your contacts in just one place. No more back and forth between your calendar, emails and message inbox and address book. A historical record of your communication as it happens can be saved in the contacts record within your CRM.

From there, you can place your contact into your sales pipeline to see how likely they are to buy. Set yourself reminders to get in touch following your lastest contact with them, see those reminders in date order.

With that you can focus your time for sales on those that are closest to the sale and maintain the relationship with the rest to stay top-of-mind and be there for that moment they choose to buy.

New to CRM? Here’s a post to help you get started with CRM in your business.

Tool 3 – Email Marketing

Communicate with your leads – email sequences that nurture and educate.

What do you do with those contacts that aren’t yet ready to buy? They still need to remember who you are if you’d like them to buy from you when they are ready to.

Keep them informed and up-to-date with what’s happening in your business and industry. Share insights, stories and results that help your leads in their buying journey.

Give them valuable tips, tricks and hacks to that help them solve challenges they might be facing all without expecting anything in return.

They’ll love you for it and want to keep coming back for more.

Do you wonder what to share with your email list? We’ve got you! Go check out the 3 email sequences we share in our post How To Complete 100% Lead Follow-up Plus 3 Email Sequences to Try.

Next Steps

Sales automation can remove you from tasks that you needn’t cover in person. It can be be a simple way to bring systems to your business and put in place a repeatable process for either you or someone else to take care of.

At the same time the automations can be personalised to suit your business needs and sales steps.

Are you looking to implement a profitable sales system in your business? Solofusion can help you with that. Check Tania’s calendar for appointment availability and to schedule your call with Tania today.

What are your thoughts on automated sales systems?

Let us know! Share in the comments. We look forward to reading and replying to them.

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