Getting Lasting Results for Dr Rachna Sharma of Cosmetier with Automation to Avoid Losing Leads

By Tania Jones

July 20, 2021

To showcase the work and results Solofusion acheives for their clients, we’d like to introduce some of those clients to you. To start, meet Dr Rachna Sharma, Founder of Cosmetier. She will be sharing her experience of working with Solofusion, the automation we put into place for Cosmetier and how that has helped her business. Read more about Cosmetier, why Rachna chose to work with Solofusion and their upcoming projects too.

Rachna helps her clients feel confident and look amazing with natural, healthy looking and radiant skin for life. Rachna has qualified with a MSc in Non-Surgical Facial Aesthetics with expertise in skin ageing and specialises in aesthetic skin treatments such as dermal fillers, anti-wrinkle treatments, and skin rejuvenating treatments including peels and HydraFacials.

Why did you get in touch with Solofusion?

“I got in touch with Tania when I knew what I wanted my marketing to do for my business, which included capturing leads, engaging with them, build a know, like, trust campaign, and nurture the leads to become customers. Then retain those customers with ongoing campaigns.

Keap…wasn’t my area of expertise, and I wasn’t using it to its full potential.

I had previously signed up for Keap and had coaching, but it was difficult to put that into practice because it wasn’t my area of expertise, and I wasn’t using it to its full potential.

A major transformation occurred when I signed up with Tania at Solofusion and started to apply automation to my processes.”

How did you get started working with Solofusion?

“Following a mapping session with Tania, we identified 3 areas to initially focus on.

The first being the lead magnet. The webform on the website was integrated with Keap to collect leads from those form submissions in my Keap CRM and then trigger an automated email sequence. A task was also set for my call handling team to follow up by phone.

Solofusion also set up a scheduling system for all the clinic’s treatments so when an appointment was made clients would receive a confirmation email and text notification to remind them of the upcoming appointment. All these appointments would be added automatically to my Outlook calendar, so I knew who I would be meeting, when and the treatment they were enquiring about.

Most recently, we ran a 4-week Facebook competition. The winner of the prize draw would win a £600 HydraFacial treatment. This competition was managed in Keap with emails sent to the entrants, runners up and winners every week.”

What work with Solofusion do you have coming up next?

“The next task is to set up an appointment review system where we stay in touch with all Cosmetier customers with marketing that is relevant to them individually and their treatments.”

What would you say to others looking to get automation in their business and working with Solofusion?

“It has been well worth working with Tania and I could not do what I am doing with my marketing if it were not for her.

Solofusion has been instrumental in making sure the leads generated are not lost. Revising and perfecting processes as the business has grown. I can trust the marketing campaign process, limit any ‘leaky buckets’ and capture all the leads I want while monitoring where they are coming from, what happens to them and maximising my return on investment.”

What I have particularly liked about working with Solofusion is that nothing is too hard, and there is always a solution to every problem that I want to solve.”

Are you ready to work to get results like Dr Rachna Sharma?

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