5 Quick and Easy Automations To Save Hours

By Tania Jones

August 4, 2021

When we set up our business we can wear many hats, we do the marketing, the sales, the finance, the admin…and we make the tea! But, what if those tasks could be automated? To free you to work on the tasks or activities that you love and avoid the other stuff you don’t enjoy quite so much. Create these 5 easy automations to save hours and see the difference it makes to your business.

1 Forms

Forms can be in different styles and formats. Here are two examples in use on the Solofusion website:

Typically, on a website you would see an opt in form, which captures the name and email address of your visitor in exchange for a free gift such as a downloadable document. You’ll see in the image above, on the left this is an opt in form that offers 3 easy steps to turn lost leads into paying clients.

Another form you will commonly see on a website is a Contact form and is often found on the Contact page. This will allow the website visitor to send a message to the business direct from the web page they’re viewing without leaving to move to their inbox where they have to compose a new email and copy and paste the address to send the message too. It’s quick, easy and convenient for them to stay there and use that method to get in touch with you with their enquiry or questions.

By completing these forms, they’re leaving you with their contact details and you can now keep in touch with them. For those website visitors that have only just arrived on your site and just getting to know you, you’ll find they’re not at the point yet when they’re ready to buy so staying in touch with them will help you nurture that relationship so when they are ready to buy you’re already top of their mind.

Also, if you have an easy option for people to get in touch with you then they will go with the easier option. Forms will give your visitors that easy option.

2 Appointments

Are you still playing telephone or email ping pong to schedule appointments?

Leads can book with you online with Keap scheduling tools

Set up an online appointment system and share a link to your calendar with your prospects and customers to view your availability easily and schedule an appointment when they are also available. This is a simple, quick and easy option that provides a streamlined process to booking an appointment with you.

3 Follow Up

How do you feel when you contact a business to enquire about or request a quote for a service or product you want and they offer and you get zero response, nothing at all?

It doesn’t feel good and perhaps that’s a feeling your ideal customers are left with when they submit a form to you only to hear crickets chirping. If they’re not hearing from you they’ll move onto a competitor that will respond, quote and talk to them about an offer or solution to help them.

With a follow up email, even just one, you can avoid losing that ideal customer and let them know you care about their enquiry. At the very least they’ll know that you’ve received their message.

Follow up’s can happen at different stages of your sales process too. Here’s a few examples for you to consider:

  • Booking a call to share reminders of the upcoming appointment
  • After submitting a contact form to confirm you’ve received it and someone will respond to them
  • When you share a quote and to get feedback or comments on the pricing

If you’re in business, regardless of your services or products, this are activities that will be happening. Do you follow up? If not, get these automations in place right away and avoid losing those potential sales.

Would you like more follow up sequences? Get another 3 ideas here

4 Lead Magnet Delivery

When a web page or website visitor views your page they can see a free offer that is of value to them and request it in exchange for their name and email address. When a form is submitted it triggers a series of emails to be sent, including the delivery of the lead magnet that you offered to your visitors.

The purpose of these sequences are to build on ‘know, like, trust’ and share content that helps build a relationship with your new contact. But also share a relevant offer to take the next step, such as book a call with you.

This will vary depending on your business and it’s services or products, and it can be tailored to fit the way you already work and operate.

5 Payments

When people buy something from you can they pay easily?

If they’re ready to buy from you then make the payment process quick and easy to avoid delays or even deterring your ideal customer. If they find an easier option, they will.

With an easy, online payment system connected to your CRM, their contact record will be automatically updated and you can easily keep track of their purchase history.

Ways to create an easy payment system include:

  • Invoicing that allows online payment via PayPal, Stripe or other card payment tool
  • An order page for them to complete their payment details
  • GoCardless for recurring payments where there are payment installments or monthly subscriptions or memberships

Over to you

These are my 5 Quick and Easy Automations To Save Hours for any business owner or entrepreneur, service or product based. Which will you be creating for yourself?

Would you like more automations? Get my guide to Eliminate Leaking Leads and Lost Customers here.

Next Step

Are you ready for more advanced automations or have a particular workflow you’d like to discuss? Check my availability and book a call with me here.

What are your thoughts on these 3 Quick and Easy Automations to Save Hours? Will they be useful to you?

Let me know in the comments.

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