stop junk mail and spam

3 ways to avoid spamming your subscribers and share offers they actually want

By Tania Jones

May 26, 2021

Sales Automation, Segmentation, Tagging

Do you want to send emails that don’t feel like you’re spamming or being pushy? Read & discover 3 ways to avoid spamming and send emails your subscribers want, That feeling puts business owners off contacting their list, is this the same for you? I hear my client’s talk about this same feeling and I have 3 tips I share with them and want to share with you too so you can avoid spamming your subscribers and instead share offers they want.

Get these 3 tips implemented (and automated for bonus points!) and you can be move your ideal customers through your sales process faster and generate revenue sooner!

stop junk mail and spam

What do we mean by spamming your subscribers?

Let’s take a look at the difference between spamming and offering value. The latter is the reason you’re ideal customer has given consent to join your email list after all. If you’re regularly popping up in their inbox with problem solving insights, tips and stories to demonstrate your knowledge, expertise and results then fantastic, you’ve got email marketing nailed!

However, if you’re overloading your ideal customer’s inbox with emails that are salesly, promotional and just outright asking them to “Buy Now!” then they’re going to quickly unsubscribe, or worse, hit the Report as Spam button. That damages your reputation as an email marketer and in turn your email service provider will likely stop you using their tool to protect their reputation too.

So here are those 3 tips you can takeaway today…

3 Tips to avoid spamming your email subscribers

Tip #1 Tag your contacts

Are you tagging your contacts? If not then you’re missing a trick! This is an easy way to filter out your contacts by their interests and activity with your content.

Here’s a list of tags you might use:

  • Downloaded [lead magnet title]
  • Booked call/appointment
  • Clicked link in an email
  • Requested pricing
  • Purchased [product/ service title]

Why would you want to tag your contacts?

Other than filtering them by their interests and activity, you can send them more relevant content and offers that will help them to solve the challenges they face in that moment.

That leads us onto the next tip.

Tip #2 Segment your subscribers

Now you’ve tagged your contacts you can start to segment them. That means grouping together those with similar tags together since they would benefit from similar content and offers.

Most commonly this means grouping your contacts by where they are in the buyers journey. For example:

  • Lead (shown interest in your brand/ product/ service)
  • Prospect (booked a call, requested pricing or messaged you with pre-sales questions)
  • Customer (they’ve bought a product or booked a service)

Now it’s easier to see where they are in the buyers journey this will give an indication of the content they’re looking for and the value you can offer them at that time. Sharing relevant content and offers will help move your ideal customer forward in their buying journey and your sales process without that salesy or spammy approach.

Read more about the buyers journey and how it relates to Lifecycle Marketing, or your sales process. You’ll get a deeper insight into how the tips here fit into the entire Marketing system in your business.

Tip #3 Personalise your offers

With tagging and segmentation in place and reflecting on the customer journey, you can build and share offers that would fit those needs for each stage of the buyers journey perfectly.

Those offers would be individual to your business, services and products you offer and the audience you already have or are building.

What a lead might find value in will be different to a customers needs. This is a list of some ideas you might already have or could start using for each of the stages we identified earlier:

  • Lead – Newsletter, PDF, mini digital course, eBook
  • Prospect – Call, product or tool demo, 1-2-1 appointment
  • Customer – membership, continued support or management, a next level service or product

Share timely, relevant offers that your subscribers want and avoid the spammy, salesy approach once and for all with a personalised offer that solves their current challenges. You’ll see the difference in your revenue once you start personalising your offers!

By sharing all of these offers to all of your email subscribers regardless of where they sit in the buyers journey you can easily be seen as spammy or salesy. This is because not all of your contacts are in that space where they need the offer you’re currently sharing with them. This will increase your risk of email being reported as spam, not something you want to happen if you’re going to be successful with email marketing. Follow these 3 tips to avoid spamming your email subscribers and reap the rewards, faster.

Automate your email marketing with Keap

With Keap automation, you can create and run automation triggered by a new subscriber, action or date. Once a trigger is activated then the next step can be to tag, segment or email that contact. This is where automation becomes powerful and moves your contacts forward in their buyers journey and your sales process. Bringing them closer to the sale with every action they take.

Now you can promote relevant offers with your ideal customers and share them at the right time without needing to manually review contacts or pipelines, or send the emails yourself. This can all be done for you with the power of Keap automation.

Do you want this in your business? Schedule your call with Tania today. Check the calendar here for availability and to book.

We’d love to show you how automation can work for your business.

What are your thoughts on these tips to avoid spamming your subscribers?

Let us know! Share in the comments. We look forward to reading and replying to them.

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