Top 3 lead follow-up mistakes & solutions to fix immediately

By Tania Jones

March 31, 2021

CRM, Follow-up

Still trashing your leads? If you make these lead follow-up mistakes then sadly you will be doing just that, trashing them. So much time and energy is spent on generating leads, but the most important part is yet to come, the sale! Capturing a lead’s details is not a done deal and this is why follow-up is essential.

Top 3 Lead Follow-Up Mistakes to Avoid

Here are the mistakes to avoid and put a stop to trashing your leads. Because we want you to fix these mistakes, we’ve added the solution to each of them as well. Ready for you to action in your business right away.

What about those leads already in the trash? They can be revived with these solutions too.

No CRM system

Do you want to follow-up with your new leads? Then you’re going to need a CRM system to capture their details and organise them. Apps and software can now be integrated with forms to create a customer record in your CRM instantly. Capturing website visitors, social media connections and contacts you’ve met at virtual events.

Our recommendation is Keap since we’re Keap certified consultants. We set-up and manage Keap CRMs all day long and our customers love it too. Check out their testimonials.

If you’d like to get to know more about CRM in this previous post here.

Solution: Setup a CRM, connect it to your lead capture forms and start adding your contacts.

Delayed follow-up

Once you capture the lead’s details, what do you do? Please, please DON’T say you do nothing! That is literally paying to collect those leads just to throw them right into the trash. Maybe you do follow-up, but not for days or weeks. The trouble is by the time you get round to it you’re lead will likely forget who you are or why they even got in touch in the first place.

These delays can be easily avoided and they don’t need you to create time in your diary either.

Solution: Setup automated follow-up, triggered by a new entry in your CRM and sharing emails to build on the relationship.

Would you like a demo? No call required! Sign-up here to see Keap in action right away.

Selling immediately

Wait! Stop! Your new contact may not be ready for the sale just yet and getting in there with the sale right away is most likely going to frighten them away. It’s your job now to build the know, like and trust with that contact. They know you, they’ve left their details with you. Now communicate with them! Nurture the relationship and develop their trust.

This will create the marketing lifecycle your customer experiences with your business. No idea what the marketing lifecycle is? Have a read of this post.

There will be an opportunity for you to share your offers and promotions, by getting this right you will increase the likelihood of the sale happening and perhaps even the value of the sale too. It’s definitely worth the wait.

Solution: Create a follow-up system to nurture and educate your new contacts. This is usually a series of emails that share stories, gives insights and offers value upfront to build trust.

Next step

With these three solutions in place you’ll be off to a good start at keeping your leads away from the trash and reviving those that have been trashed.

Here’s a quick reminder of the fixes to implement immediately in your business:

  1. Set-up your CRM system
  2. Trigger immediate follow-up communication
  3. Share an email series to nurture and educate your new contacts

You’ll have just what you need to avoid making these follow-up mistakes.

Better still, you can automate ALL of the above! This needn’t be extra work for you, instead it’ll be an investment into the leads you’ve already captured but would otherwise have thrown in the bin. They’re all sales opportunities, they’re just waiting for the right moment to buy from you.

Not sure how to get started with CRM or follow-up, or automating the two? Book your call with Tania to get to know how Keap could work for your business. Click here to check Tania’s calendar and schedule.

What are your thoughts on lead follow-up mistakes, are they something you avoid?

Let us know! Share in the comments. We look forward to reading and replying to them.

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