How-to complete 100% lead follow up. PLUS 3 example email sequences

By Tania Jones

April 12, 2021

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There is a trick to complete 100% follow up of your leads…yes, every single one of them!

That is to set-up automated email sequences that are triggered when a certain action takes place. When a lead submits a form, books a call or appointment with you, or after being introduced to you at a networking event.

With automated email sequences, you can educate and nurture those leads to grow your relationship with them and build their trust, ready for the sale when the moment is right for them.

Why use email sequences in your lead follow up?

You’ve been discovered! Perhaps your visitor wants to get to know you some more so they subscribe to your list, send an enquiry form or book a call with you.

This is your opportunity to say hello. By sharing content you can educate and nurture them so they learn more about you, your business and the solutions you offer.

Even better, let them know how you can serve them through your products and services and the ways you can help them achieve their goals and dreams.

How do you share email sequences effortlessly?

Many of the business owners we work with don’t have time to email each and every lead as they come in. Causing possible delays in communication or even being completely forgotten where no follow up process is in place at all.

To avoid long delays, or leads being trashed right away, take the opportunity to show up almost instantly with an automated email sequence.

A tool, like Keap, that allows you to setup automation will send those emails for you. Once a form has been submitted, for example, this can trigger an email sequence to get started. There are other triggers too, such as an appointment being booked or even certain buttons being clicked in an email.

That way you can follow up with 100% of your leads 24/7

Are you ready to see Keap’s automation in action? Preview our demo (no call or appointment needed!).

What do you send in your lead follow up emails?

Now you have an idea of why you’d use email sequences and how to send them we know your next big question will be “What do I send?”

The answer – content that offers value.

But there is also a big no, no here. That is selling to them right away.

Avoid the immediate sales approach! They may not be ready for that just yet and if you go right in with the sale you could just turn them off and there’s no going back!

At Solofusion, we’re all about building the relationship first and implementing Lifecycle Marketing so that the right message is shared with your customers at the right time.

Meaning your communication is relevant to the customer’s journey and where they currently are in their buying decision.

In this situation, first impressions do matter. Make it good and share value with them first.

Want to know more about Lifecyle Marketing? Check out this post here.

3 example email sequences to send to your leads

With that, here’s 3 example email sequences that you could set-up and send to your leads when they first make contact with your business.

Example 1- Welcome series

Once a form has been submitted, on your website or after visiting a social media profile, you could share useful tips, insights or stories that help you new contact get to know more about you.

Don’t overload the emails, you don’t want to overwhelm your reader.

This is best served as a drip email sequence, that is, share one small piece of content daily for a set number of days, usually less than 10 days.

Here’s an outline that could get you started:

Immediate – Hello, thank you for signing up!

1 day later – Who we work with

2 days later – Problems your client faces with your solutions to help them

3 days later – Client story or case study showing the results you’ve previously delivered

4 days later – FAQ’s

5 days later – Objections and your response to overcome them

6 days later – Next step or call-to-action

Example 2 – Appointment reminders

Someone has booked a call or appointment with you, the next step is to ensure they show up.

Once an appointment has been scheduled (by the way, this can be done with the Keap scheduling tool) this can trigger your reminder sequence.

It could look like this:

Immediate – confirm appointment with link to add to calendar plus any instructions for prep before appointment

24 hours before – remind them of your call along with a prompt to complete any outstanding prep

1 hour before – reminder that the call is coming up

15 minutes before – reminder of the link to join you on the call and to bring along the prep

3 hours after – follow up after the call, to say thank you for joining you, if they did, plus what to expect next

Example 3 – Invite to connect

Have you recently attended a business event, online or offline? This is a great opportunity to help those contacts you met in person to get to know more about you.

Complete a form to add that new contact to your CRM, which in turn triggers an email sequence with personalisation such as the event you met at.

This could be just a one-off to invite them to stay in touch or a series that follows up to remind them of the invite.

Like this:

Immediate – say hello, remind them where you met and invite to connect on LinkedIn

2-3 days later if they didn’t click – remind them of the initial email and invite to connect on LinkedIn

What’s Next?

You now have an understanding of why following-up with your leads is important, how to do it for 100% of your leads and what you can share with them in your email sequences.

What about getting this setup, implemented and running in your business? If tech isn’t your strong point, you just don’t have the time to work on it yourself, or maybe you need more than just a follow up email sequence then Solofusion is here for you.

Book your call with Tania today to chat about your business needs. Check appointment availability here.

What are your thoughts on implementing 100% lead follow up, is this something you do or need help with?

Let us know! Share in the comments. We look forward to reading and replying to you.

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