An intro to automation with Productivity Pete

By Tania Jones

January 6, 2021

Automation, Productivity Pete

Have you heard the saying “It’s Great To Get New Leads But The Fortune Is In The Follow Up!” ? Making connections can be easy, right? But what about that next step – the follow-up? That bit isn’t so easy. In this post I’ll be sharing with you an intro to automation and with a little help from Productivity Pete, the Solofusion demo bot. You’ll even get the chance to see Pete in action!

It’s Great To Get New Leads But The Fortune Is In The Follow Up!

Jim Rohn

Why is automation useful for for your business?

Of course in an intro to automation you’ll want to know why it’s important. Think about those events you attend. You grab business cards by the handful and make new connections with, well, everyone! However, this is where the work really begins, and it is work too, right? How many piles of business cards have you stacked up over the years, hundreds (maybe thousands)!!! Let me ask you this, how many of those did you follow-up with and how many will you follow-up with?

Well, forget those connections. Why? If there hasn’t been any follow-up at all since your first encounter then they’re no longer hot leads. They’ve been left on the table to cool off and are quickly becoming less likely to buy from you. You’ll be wasting your time.

However, what about if you had a way that could keep those leads sizzling hot and ready to buy from you soon after that initial connection? Just from creating a follow-up task in one click. Yes, just ONE click!

This is the start of your marketing and sales automation journey. You’ll follow-up with your lead immediately. Not only once but several times! Automation allows you to become proactive in your sales and marketing. It’s a huge weight lifted off your shoulders as the business owner and becomes predictable.

This is where I’ll introduce Productivity Pete to you. Say “Hi!” to Pete.

intro to productivity pete

What business tasks can you start automating?

Really, anything that you hate working on.Hate is a strong word so let’s reword that slightly. Any repetitive task that doesn’t need you to complete it can be automated. Meaning almost every sales and marketing task can be automated!

For now, let’s continue with the example of collecting business cards whilst networking. With a form, you can enter your new contacts details into your CRM system. Shortly after hitting “submit” the details of your new contact will be added and a task triggered to welcome your contact along with a reminder of how you met. Job done!

How about maintaining that initial contact with another follow-up? That can be done too with an email say 24 hours later to invite your new contact to connect with you on LinkedIn or follow your social media pages.

Productivity Pete eats up repetitive tasks for breakfast! Honestly, see him in action if you’d like a peek at how he works. Seeing this will change your life, I promise.

Check out Productivity Pete in action here!

How can automation make a difference to your business?

The big one – it’ll save you time, a lot of time. You’ll also see growth in your revenue and profits too. By keeping leads warm with immediate and regular follow-up an automated system will convert more of those leads you connect with to sales and faster too. In my book that is a huge positive.

Automation doesn’t have to stop there, either. As your relationship with your lead develops, their behaviour with your emails and activity on your website can be tracked too. Those behaviours and activities that are identified with being at particular stages of your sales funnel can trigger other workflows. Such as inviting them to book a call with you. “More calls you say, automatically?” Yep that’s right! Without automation you’ll be tracking this manually and, really, who has time for that?

This is about being proactive, getting the timing right individually for your contact and being top-of-mind at the right moment.

What are your thoughts on our Intro to Automation?

Do you have any feedback or comments to add? Let me know in the comments.

Tania Jones

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