85 Lead Magnet Ideas for Coaches to Boost Your Email List

By Tania Jones

March 3, 2021

Whether you’re new to business or looking to boost your email list, a lead magnet is an evergreen approach to generating leads. They enter your Marketing Lifecycle to be nurtured and educated until they’re ready for the sale. To get you started, we’ve saved you the time of brainstorming these ideas yourself and sharing the full list of 85 lead magnet ideas for coaches that we’ve compiled in our own research.

Not sure what Lifecycle Marketing is? Learn more about it in our previous post here.

What is a lead magnet?

First, it’s good to know what a lead magnet is.

When an ideal customer finds out who you are then a lead magnet is a tool that’s used to attract your ideal customer to learn more about you and subscribe to your email list.

It generates interest in the service or products you offer and shares an insight into the work you do.

Why do I need a lead magnet?

This is the first step in your lead generation process, it captures the contact details of your ideal customer and opens the door for you to communicate with them in future. These are the people you want to share your offers, product and service launches, news and events with. They are warmer than those that don’t know you and are moving closer to the sale every time you share a message with them.

What you need to consider when creating a lead magnet

For your lead magnet to attract contacts to join your email list, it must:

  • Be quick to consume
  • Give a quick win
  • Solve just ONE problem (a real problem)
  • Be specific
  • Give high value
  • Be accessible instantly
  • Demonstrate your expertise

Without putting these into action then your lead magnet will fail to do it’s job right from the get-go.

Focus on getting these key points into your lead magnet and you will reap the reward with 100’s if not 1000’s of new subscribers joining your list every month.

How do I deliver a lead magnet?

Making your lead magnet instantly accessible is an absolute must. Someone has put there hand up to receive it and they want the solution to their problem right there and then. That’s why they found you! Your delivery system must respond in that moment.

A CRM connected to an email marketing tool will do this and so will sharing the link on the thank you page after the form has been submitted. Doing both is even better, as your new subscriber gets to click a button to access the lead magnet but they also get it into their inbox to keep safe and return to whenever they want to.

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85 lead magnet ideas

Now you know the importance of a lead magnet, what you need to consider and how to deliver it, here’s a list of 85 ideas you can choose from to get started on yours.

  1. Challenge
  2. Quiz
  3. Webinar
  4. Video series
  5. Audio series
  6. eCourse
  7. Free discovery call
  8. eBook
  9. Audio book
  10. Content upgrade or bonus
  11. Tool kit
  12. Checklist
  13. Workbook/ sheet
  14. Case study
  15. Cheat sheet
  16. Guest book (guest blog posts)
  17. Ultimate how-to guide
  18. Swipe files
  19. Templates
  20. Blueprints
  21. Script
  22. Resource list
  23. Calendar
  24. Plan/ planner
  25. Printable
  26. Inspiration
  27. Prompts
  28. Calculator
  29. Apps/ extensions
  30. Generator
  31. Recipes
  32. Report
  33. Infographic
  34. Event tickets
  35. Free book + shipping
  36. Sample book chapter
  37. Sample audio clip
  38. Sample video clip
  39. Free session
  40. Transcript
  41. PDF version
  42. Audio version
  43. Summary
  44. Industry trends
  45. Industry predictions
  46. Mind map
  47. Recording/ replay
  48. SlideShare
  49. Roundup
  50. Newsletter
  51. Vault/ library
  52. Survey
  53. Giveaway
  55. Desktop wallpaper/ background
  56. Membership
  57. Facebook group
  58. Slack community
  59. Free trial
  60. Free demo
  61. Coupon
  62. Waiting list
  63. Early bird discount
  64. Free shipping
  65. Free quote
  66. Catalogue/ brochure
  67. Handbook
  68. Free stock images
  69. Free module
  70. Quick start guide
  71. Free physical gift/ product
  72. Free fonts
  73. Social media posts
  74. Exclusive interview
  75. Masterclass
  76. Hacks/ shortcuts
  77. Illustrations
  78. FAQs
  79. Manifesto
  80. Audit/ analysis
  81. Examples
  82. Trackers
  83. Tutorials
  84. Workflow
  85. Framework

Next step…

Now that you have a lead magnet ready to share and capturing your leads contact details you’ll need to think about your follow-up. What does that look like and when will it happen?

At Solofusion, we use and set-up Keap for clients to take their marketing and sales process from start to finish and beyond. Maintaining the Marketing Lifecycle to capture leads, convert prospects to customers and create loyal fans.

If you’d like a full demo of Keap then book your call with Tania today. View her calendar here.

What are your thoughts on the list of 85 lead magnet ideas for coaches?

Share your feedback and other ideas you might have in the comments below.

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