Stop making these 5 landing page mistakes to boost your conversion rate instantly

By Tania Jones

March 16, 2021

Essentially a landing page is there to move your customers through your sales pipeline. Either from a visitor to a lead, lead to a prospect or prospect to a customer. In this post we’ll run through landing page mistakes that can hurt your conversion rate and what can be done to fix them to give it a boost and see more results.

What is a Landing Page?

It’s a web page that outlines your product or service that you’re offering. Outlining the benefits available to your ideal customer if they take you up on offer and what they can expect once they have.

What is a Conversion?

A conversion is the ONE action or next step that you’d like your page visitor to make, taking them further down your sales funnel and into the customer cycle.

Not sure what the customer cycle is? Take a read of this post to learn more about it. Want to know lifecycle marketing strategies? Get those here.

Here’s a few examples:

  • Sign-up to a newsletter
  • Subscribe to your email list
  • Buy a 1-2-1 coaching session
  • Book an event
  • Register interest in a webinar
  • Submit a contact form

Avoid these mistakes to optimise your landing page conversion rate

Boring headline

If you don’t have a headline that offers value, solves your ideal customers problem or challenge, give a solution to fix it then they will just leave the page.

Solution: Put a benefits driven headline that solves a problem your audience actually face at the top of the page so it’s seen immediately.


Too much to look at. Menus, widgets, notification bars. They will get your visitors attention and distract them from the primary purpose of the landing page.

Solution: Remove the header and footer menus. Keep the next step clear.

Multiple call-to-action’s

If you give your visitor more than one option to choose from, they’ll choose none of them and just leave altogether. Just ONE direct call-to-action means there’s only ONE option for your visitor to take.

Solution: Give just ONE call-to-action and make it clear.

Not promoting it

You’ve designed your page and it’s ready to make conversions happen. But you’re not promoting it. If you want traffic to your page you MUST promote it.

Solution: Show it to your ideal customers! Share it on your social media, send it to your email list or talk about it whilst you’re networking. Shout about it and let your target market know to visit it.

Reviewing the analytics

You know people are visiting the page, because you get notifications when an action is taken. But do you review the analytics to see just how many visitors are seeing the page and how many conversions are taking place to know exactly what the conversion rate really is? Without checking this data you won’t know whether this landing page is getting the results it could be.

Solution: Get to know the data for your landing page, most importantly the number of visitors, number of clicks and click through rate. This will show you just how close your visitor gets to taking action, and if they’re not taking action then where they’re not. This will give you some clues as to where to make improvements to optimise the page further.

What’s next?

With a landing page capturing your leads or sales it’s good practice to follow-up with your contact or customer to welcome them into your community. Guide them with the next steps, or give an insight into what to expect, what’s coming up and the results they will achieve by working with you.

If you plan to have this in place but aren’t sure where to start or what you need to get this all up and running for your business, then you’re in the right place. At Solofusion we work with our client’s to do this for them. Mapping out the steps of their customer journey from start to finish as well as the marketing and sales automation that will take care of it all for them. Making it an experience to enjoy and recommend to others.

Would you like to find out more? Here’s a link to the appointment calendar to book your call with Tania today. Click here to book yours.

What are your thoughts on landing page mistakes and how to avoid them?

Share your feedback on this post and other ideas you might have in the comments below. We look forward to reading and replying to your thoughts.

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