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How to Effectively Follow Up with Leads from In Person Events and maximise your sales

Is your business getting back to “normal”? It feels like normality has changed…a lot! But, we are seeing signs of it returning, slowly. We are now getting back to business-as-usual and that includes business events, in particular, in-person networking. In this post, I’ll be sharing with you how you can effectively follow up with leads from in person events.

Is this something you’ve been missing? I know I have and I’m looking forward to growing my network once again with real-life people and not just virtual connections (yes, I know, they are real too!).

But, before you start buying tickets or registering yourself, I have a question for you…

What do you do AFTER the networking event?

Do you:

a) Leave the venue and forget all those names you promised yourself you’d write down (this time!)

b) Connect with those new contacts you have business cards for on LinkedIn and never see or speak to them, ever again

c) Add them to your Keap CRM and send an immediate follow-up and connect on LinkedIn so you can communicate and engage with them regularly

Get organised and follow-up every time without the extra admin

If you answered c), then well done for being super organised.

If you answered a) or b), you’re not the only one and this is the answer for most business owners going to networking events.

You’ll be pleased to know that you can quickly and easily set-up a Keap campaign to do the hard work for you and actually get results from the time and money you’re investing in networking for your business.

It’s a costly marketing activity so I’m sure you want to see results from it and following-up will make that happen for you.

You have Keap, so getting a follow-up campaign in place is simple, especially as you have my help with this.

Can follow up with leads from in person events be even easier?

Yes! With the tech available, you can now make it even easier for yourself and take the headache of doing more admin off your to-do list.

Instead of YOU entering your new contact into your CRM, THEY can do it for you.

By sharing a:

  • QR code
  • Number to text, or;
  • Link Your new contact will submit a form with their details to add themselves to your Keap CRM.

With every new form, a series of follow-up emails will be triggered.

Yep! It’s possible and so easy to set-up, too.

Here’s my golden nugget for you, it’s actually be a time saver for you, and not just once but over and over, on repeat!

Here goes…

Get prepped for follow up before the event

Get Keap prepped and ready ahead of time to collect contacts at in-person events, whether that’s for networking, conferences or exhibitions.

Remember that stack of business cards?

You don’t need them anymore! Not with a Keap app at your disposal.

With a simple time saving campaign you can take away the need for you (or your admin assistant) to manually enter all of those names, email addresses and phones numbers.

This manual job is the most likely task that business owners rate as the most important one to get rid of!

Though they know that the follow-up, the next step, is highly valuable and is the part where they see the return on their investment from those events.

So it’s a must-do task that no one really wants to do.

There’s a few possibilities that I’d like to share with you to make this necessary task of collecting contact details less laborious and promoting profit in your business.

Get your contact to enter themselves into your Keap CRM

“What? How? Tania, you need to explain this magic”

Sure, of course.

First of all, here are the basics.

Or better still, don’t share a link, instead share a QR code or text number.

Invite them to scan using their mobile device or text a word.

They’ll either be directed to your web page or receive the link in a text to tap.

They fill in your form and opt in to your email marketing.

Of course, an incentive is more likely to encourage them to take this action.

It’s as easy as that and no manual admin for you to do after the event!

And you’ll follow-up immediately with a campaign triggered by that form submission.


Maximise your conversions with a giveaway

Get those email opt in’s rolling in.

And that’s with a prize draw.

Have you tried them out before?

They can seem complicated and the fear of GDPR can put business owners off the thought of giving them a try.

Today, I’m going to be breaking down the how-to into smaller steps so you can see how this might benefit your marketing without going into overwhelm.

Automation will make this even easier for you to implement, too.

It is an incentive for taking action

As a follow-up to last week’s email, where I shared with you getting opt-in’s from in person events, a prize draw is a fantastic incentive to get people actually taking action, visiting your landing page and then opting into your email list.

Here’s what you need to do to run a prize draw:

#1 Choose your prize

This has got to be good, from your subscriber’s perspective, if you are to generate the leads you want to acheive from this campaign. It can be:

  • Cash
  • Gift card
  • Free products or services

#2 Outline the rules

For example, when did the content start and when will it end, how and when will the draw take place, how will the winner be notified, are there eligibility criteria.

#3 Use a WordPress plugin

Yes! There’s a tool for everything, even prize draws. With a WordPress Plugin, such as RafflePress, you’ll find managing the prize draw much easier. Plus, your subscribers can join from different channels and enter multiple times, quickly and easily.

Most importantly, you can follow-up

With their email address captured, it can be added to your Keap CRM and an automated sequence of emails delivered to follow up with that new contact multiple times

How do you follow up with leads from in person events?

This is a huge step that I see so many business owners miss in their lead generation process. If you could get one thing automated, I would highly recommend it being the follow up after generating the lead, online or offline.

If you’re not using Keap yet, or automating any of your sales, marketing or admin, then get in touch to find out what can be automated in your business. It’ll save you hours every week!

Do you have questions or feedback?

Leave your comments below for a reply.

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